Amp Telecom: Transforming Business Communications

Joseph Barrero, CEO, Amp TelecomJoseph Barrero, CEO
While businesses continue to harness the power of cutting-edge telephony solutions, some of the common predicaments continue to plague the arena. For resolving intricacies in server installation, system maintenance, and numerous other technical issues, enterprises require tools, services, and resources to keep their operations up-and-running. However, they are faced with minimal or zero technical assistance from vendors with only email or limited phone support. Amp Telecom acknowledges the need to go an extra mile regarding customer support while empowering businesses with cloud-based communication products. Amp Telecom solves critical issues in business communication in an economical fashion through its Voice over IP (VoIP) solution and ensures extensive customer support. “Amp Telecom makes the modern telephony customer-centric and free from licensing, support contracts, and reliance on technical assistance,” states Joseph Barrero, CEO, Amp Telecom.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, Amp Telecom offers a value-based proposition to its clients and customizes their VoIP solution in accordance with their client’s business requirements. With their comprehensive solution for enterprises, users can record calls and easily keep track of business communication. Call recording can be done in an automated manner or on demand. All of Amp Telecom’s advanced features including Call Queues, Virtual Receptionist, Conference Bridging, and Video Calling are included in every plan.

“Our ongoing support and telephony solutions underpin our commitment to value,” says Barrero.
Austin-based Amp Telecom focuses its application deployment and services on business continuity for the client. If natural calamities like blizzards, hurricanes, or power outages hit a business, Amp Telecom’s VoIP solution continues handling calls and routing them to alternate locations, mobile lines, and even email. Call handling changes can be made at a moment’s notice right from Amp Telecom’s web portal interface.

Barrero further adds how Amp Telecom offers its holistic solution at a minimum price point, “Our price plans are incredibly competitive. We offer far more for far less.” Amp Telecom provides comprehensive plans without any upfront annual fee and instills sheer transparency in the pricing.

Amp Telecom analyzes the number of users and offers a price plan that saves the businesses from deploying a dedicated phone line for each user. For instance, a company with 100 employees may only need 40 lines. In such a case, they offer pricing per line that appeals to medium and large enterprise clients. Amp Telecom advises to deploy 40 lines and prune the additional expenditure for facilitating two-way communication. According to Barrero, you’ll see at least a 60 percent cost reduction over their closest competitors.

Business telephone systems shouldn’t be a pain or cost a fortune

The company also suggests best practices, telecommunications consulting, and if the need arises, Amp Telecom can develop custom solutions like interactive voice response applications integrated with the external databases.

With services spanning from local calling to video communications, Amp Telecom offers an easy and simple solution so clients can make phone calls in a hassle-free manner. The leadership of the company aims to add an edge to its unified communication offerings and annex additional features. As cloud-based telephony garners more market traction, Amp Telecom looks forward to tapping into a myriad of business opportunities in the near future.