Crosstel: The Guardians of Telco Operators

M.V. Thomas, CEO, CrosstelM.V. Thomas, CEO
From the invention of the telephone and its eventual commercialization to the upcoming 5G standards, the telecommunications industry has been continuously evolving. This digital progression has presented a challenge unheard of in the industry—a considerable reduction in revenue due to a gap that exists between I.T and Engineering, forcing telecommunications service providers to rethink their business strategy in this digital era. A telecom veteran, M.V. Thomas, realized this gap created by the different processes and jargons between the industry’s engineering and IT departments. With a vision to bridge this gap, Thomas founded Crosstel in 2005 that offers sophisticated software solutions to manage a service provider’s networks and critical operations like bill generation for calls, internet usage, and most importantly, customer service.

In the telecom industry, engineering is responsible for service while IT is responsible for meeting the various needs of the operational groups. One of the key areas where Crosstel meets the needs of both groups is in the use of Class 4 or Class 5 softswitches. Softswitches are typically used to connect circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. Engineering is responsible for the network connections, while IT is responsible for assessing cost, managing the data, and reporting on traffic information. Crosstel’s call routing management system (CRMS) plugs into any Class 4 Legacy switch and equips the engineering team with all the IT functions and routing capabilities, effectively acting as the central brain for the switching mechanism. By installing CRMS on any type of softswitch, Crosstel eliminates the limitations of switches while providing fraud detection and prevention, carrier reconciliation, least cost routing, and revenue assurance—completely removing the dependency on switches for statistical and financial insights.
One of Crosstel’s clients was facing issues with managing the Class 4 Legacy switch and incurred substantial costs during the switching process alone. After installing Crosstel’s CRMS, the client saved nearly $165,000 per month on long distance calls alone, drastically improving ROI.

Adding to its arsenal, Crosstel’s CrosSOFT, a billing and provisioning system, administers all Class 5 switch functions such as billing, provisioning, and trouble tickets.

Addressing the painful manual switching and billing migration that accompanies changing technology, Crosstel offers CrossMIGRATE that can perform automatic migration between any two switches or any two billing systems and even cross-reference the information contained in either or both. Although organizations can leverage all the functionalities in one package, Crosstel’s services can be availed as separate modules as well.

Valuing the philosophy that ‘good software’ is user-friendly and fast, “Crosstel’s software development is based around customers’ needs, customizations, and ease of use—with the goal of enabling open communication between telecom IT and engineering,” explains Thomas, CEO of Crosstel. Being a service provider and a wholesaler, Crosstel’s IT team and engineers cover all aspects of the telecom industry and immediately fix any operational and technical problems, unveiling a perfect solution for their clients. Starting from individual modules to a full-fledged telecom solution, Crosstel provides a leading edge to telecom startups by offering everything between switches, billing and provisioning systems, and switch migrations on a single-window system.

Crosstel’s software development is based around customers’ needs, customizations, and ease of use

With a belief in bringing change to the telecom world and giving back to society, Crosstel has established itself as a pioneer in the ever-changing telecom industry with its broad range of solutions and features. And, with Crosstel’s solutions experiencing increasing market demand, the firm is well prepped to expand beyond the national boundary with rigorous sales and marketing strategies. Speaking about the future plans, Thomas exclaims, “We are constantly looking for newer challenges in the telecom industry. Bring it on!”
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