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Josh Ferguson, Founder & Lead IoT Developer, Glow LabsJosh Ferguson, Founder & Lead IoT Developer
“We are a design company, at heart,” begins Josh Ferguson, Founder and Lead IoT Developer of Glow Labs. Founded on the premise of developing wireless and IoT devices with refined user experiences, Glow Labs is an expert in designing wireless technology solutions that align with client needs. With a strong skill set and background in the fields of luxury home automation, asset tracking, data collection, and UI design, Ferguson, through Glow Labs, is busy introducing the art of delivering great user experience (UX) through wireless devices. Glow Labs works with the core value proposition of developing products that improve lives and reduce costs without creating new headaches along the way. “Most wireless products in the market are designed by engineers, which means they might have inaccessible features or excessive information that’s irrelevant to the everyday user.”

Working with predominantly small and medium companies, Glow Labs supplements those companies’ resources with their niche focus on wireless protocols, engineering, firmware/ software design, and intuitive UX. Many companies they have interacted with were perturbed by the inefficient UX and complicated APIs they encountered overseas or at traditional engineering shops. Glow Labs has designed full platforms with web and mobile apps, wireless sensors, and cloud servers that seamlessly work together to provide the user with full control of his/her experience.

For Glow Labs, it all boils down to their consultative business strategy. Beyond just asking for a requirements document, the company strives to understand each client’s current capabilities, future business objectives, and the problem they wish to solve with wireless/IoT devices which could range from reducing labor costs to fulfilling compliance regulations.
With insightful questions covering a range of areas, Glow Labs leverages their experience and creativity to help clients consider other key criteria that weren’t part of the original IT strategy.
These requirements are documented, evaluated, and reviewed by the Glow Labs team before they quote the project and collect a down payment. They quote projects for a flat fee and stand behind their work with a one-year bug-free warranty. The company can design everything from consumer ready enterprise wireless platforms to cost-effective prototypes of wireless products for entrepreneurs.
Ferguson highlights that the potential for disruption by IoT devices depends on the end-user’s capability to fully leverage the features of that complex device, and this requires a fresh approach to product design. “Glow Labs’ extensive background in luxury home automation and our ability to develop both hardware and software gives us an advantage in the exploding market of connected devices, where hardware and software intersect,” says Ferguson.

Glow Labs’ extensive background in luxury home automation and our ability to develop both hardware and software gives us an advantage in the exploding market of connected devices, where hardware and software intersect

For instance, one of their clients who managed a large-scale retail chain faced the challenge of excessive labor in the cold storage part of their business. Accounting for just a small percent of the revenue, maintaining and checking the cold storage wasted almost 50 percent of their labor hours. Having engaged Glow Labs to address the challenge, the company architected an automation solution, which upon implementation brought significant efficiency improvements to the client.

For Ferguson, it is the passion for enhanced user experience and the flood of poorly designed IoT products that drove him to establish Glow Labs after 10 years in the home automation industry. The company is expanding its internal development team to deliver products that address the evolving needs of modern companies and their customers. Choosing to focus on a niche created by them in the field of wireless and connected devices, Glow Labs plans to continue leveraging the latest and greatest technology in a way that actually benefits end users.
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